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> > BTW, I noticed that we are deparsing whole-row reference as ROW(list of
> > columns from local definition of foreign table), which has the same
> problem
> > with outer joins. It won't be NULL when the rest of the row from that
> > relation is NULL in an outer join. It too needs to be encapsulated in
> > WHEN .. END expression. PFA patch with that fix included and also some
> > testcases for system columns as well as whole-row references.
> Good catch.  But your test cases are no good because then we have OIDs
> hardcoded in the expected output.  That means 'make installcheck' will
> fail, or if for any other reason the OID varies it will also fail.
> Committed your version with those test cases.
The testcases had tableoid::regclass which outputs the foreign table's
local name, which won't change across runs. Isn't that so?

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