* Alvaro Herrera ( wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > Add new catalog called pg_init_privs
> > 
> > This new catalog holds the privileges which the system was
> > initialized with at initdb time, along with any permissions set
> > by extensions at CREATE EXTENSION time.  This allows pg_dump
> > (and any other similar use-cases) to detect when the privileges
> > set on initdb-created or extension-created objects have been
> > changed from what they were set to at initdb/extension-creation
> > time and handle those changes appropriately.
> If you have an extension that's marked not relocatable and drop it, its
> schema is left behind; trying to create the extension again, *crash*.

Will take a look at this, though I'm just about to commit a fix that's
probably related (and addresses Pavel's issue).  Basically, for reasons
unknown, I was calling systable_endscan() immediately after
systable_getnext(), which doesn't work when you want to use the tuple
you got back.



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