On 2016/04/15 18:46, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
> 3. PartitionKeyData contains KeyTypeCollInfo, whose contents can be
> obtained by calling functions exprType, exprTypemod on partexprs. Why do we
> need to store that information as a separate member?

There was no KeyTypeCollInfo in early days of the patch and then I found
myself doing a lot of:

partexprs_item = list_head(key->partexprs);
for (attr in key->partattrs)
    if (attr->attnum != 0)
        // simple column reference, get type from attr
        // expression, get type using exprType, etc.
        partexprs_item = lnext(partexprs_item);

That ended up being quite a few places (though I managed to reduce the
number of places over time).  So, I created this struct which is
initialized when partition key is built (on first open of the partitioned


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