For the future 9.6, scripts options are cumulatives, so -f & -S can be

Indeed, for the <= 9.5 it seems that some options are silently ignores,
when combining -S/-f, only the last one is kept, it should be warned about.
​Thanks Fabien, for confirming about the missing warning.

Also, by 'combined' I think you mean that both (built-in SELECTs & Custom
Script) run, although the dev docs don't (yet) say anything about that.

Hmmm... I think it does implicitely, with "add" and "and" in the following:


  -b scriptname[@weight]
  Add the specified builtin script to the list of executed scripts. [...]

Idem -f.

And later at the beginning of the Notes:

  pgbench executes test scripts chosen randomly from a specified list.
  They include built-in scripts with -b and user-provided custom scripts with 

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