I checked in PG 9.6 , if we create an aggregate function with saying - parallel=safe/restricted/unsafe and then take a pg_dumpall of the entire cluster , "parallel= " is missing from create aggregate syntax

Steps to reproduce -

.)connect to psql terminal and create an aggregate function

postgres=# CREATE AGGREGATE unsafe_sum100 (float8)
    stype = float8,
    sfunc = float8pl,
    mstype = float8,
    msfunc = float8pl,
    minvfunc = float8mi,

.)perform pg_dumpall against that cluster

.)check the content of create aggregate unsafe_sum100 in the file

-- Name: unsafe_sum100(double precision); Type: AGGREGATE; Schema: public; Owner: centos

CREATE AGGREGATE unsafe_sum100(double precision) (
    SFUNC = float8pl,
    STYPE = double precision,
    MSFUNC = float8pl,
    MINVFUNC = float8mi,
    MSTYPE = double precision



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