Pursuant to promises made in Brussels a couple of months ago, I set up a
machine to run and expose the "make coverage" report under "make
check-world".  Some people have already heard about this.

I would like to collect ideas on how to improve this.  For example

* Should we run something other than "make check-world"  As far as I
know, that covers all or almost all the tests we have; are there things
that we should have and are not running?  If so, how do we go about
enabling them?

* buildfarm doesn't run make check-world for reasons of its own.  Maybe
we should run exactly what a typical buildfarm animal runs?  That way,
the coverage report would be closer to what we're actually verifying.

* Should we keep historical reports to study how numbers change in time?
Maybe save one report a week or something like that?

* Any other comments?

Álvaro Herrera                            http://www.linkedin.com/in/alvherre

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