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> However, while checking out if my proof of concept patch actually
> works I hit another issue. I couldn't get my test for the feature to
> actually work. The test script I used is attached.

Could you provide enough to make that a self-contained reproducible
test case (i.e., that I don't need to infer or re-write any steps
or guess how to call it)?  In previous cases people have given me
where they felt that the feature wasn't working there have have
been valid reasons for it to behave as it was (e.g., a transaction
with a transaction ID and an xmin which prevented cleanup from
advancing).  I'll be happy to look at your case and see whether
it's another such case or some bug, but it seems a waste to reverse
engineer or rewrite parts of the test case to do so.

Kevin Grittner
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The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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