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> I am interested in adding Protocol Buffer support for Postgres. Protocol
> Buffer occupies less space than JSON. More importantly, it has schema and
> is forward/backward compatible. All these make it a very good format for
> persistency.
> Here are two rough ideas I have right now:
> Approach 1:
> Creating a datatype "PROTOBUF" similar as "JSON" and implement all the
> similar support (e.g. indexing) as done for "JSON" Type.
> (1) Since each protocol buffer column requires a schema. I am not sure
> where is the best place to store that schema info. Should it be in a
> CONSTRAINT (but I am not able to find the doc referring any custom
> constraint), or should it be in the COMMENT or somewhere else?

I can't really imagine how you'd do that without adding a new catalog like
we have for enum members. A typmod isn't sufficient since you need a whole
lot more than an integer, and typmods aren't tracked throughout the server
that well.

That'll make it hard to do it with an extension.

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