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[DJC: This feels rather fragile.  I doubt that it is hardware related because I dad
[DJC: tried it on the other ethernet interface in the machine which was on a
[DJC: completely different network than the one I am on now.

All I can offer up is that at one point I had to reduce to 16k NFSIO
when I replaced a switch (you didn't replace a switch, did you?) between
my i386 and my sparc (my le0 and the switch didn't play nicely together;
once I got the hme0 in, everything was happy as a clam).

[DJC: What is the implication of smaller read and write size?  Will I
[DJC: necessarily take a performance hit?

I didn't start noticing observable degradation across 100TX until I
dropped NFSIO to 4k (which I did purely for benchmarking statistics).

The differences between 8k, 16k and 32k have not been noticeable
to me.  32k IO would hang my system at one point; since that time,
something appears to have been fixed.

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