On 2016-04-27 14:21:53 -0400, Robert Haas wrote:
> > Considering that pg_recvlogical was introduced mostly as a way to test
> > logical decoding features, I think this is a serious oversight and we
> > should patch it.  I suppose we could leave it for 9.7, thought I admit I
> > would prefer it to introduce it in 9.6.  Now everyone throwing stones at
> > me in 3 ... 2 ...
> If that's a small and relatively contained change, I don't object to
> the idea of you making it, provided it's done pretty soon, and
> definitely before beta1.  If it's going to require substantial
> refactoring or can't be done quickly, then, yes, I object.

I don't object either, I was looking for the feature myself a number of
times (for tap tests in my case).

It requires a some amount of thinking about what the limit applies to
though. "messages sent by server", Bytes? TCP messages? xids? Time?

- Andres

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