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> On 04/29/2016 08:44 AM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 11:07:04PM +0300, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
>>> Our roadmap http://www.postgresql.org/developer/roadmap/ is the
>>> problem. We
>>> don't have clear roadmap and that's why we cannot plan future feature
>>> full
>>> release. There are several postgres-centric companies, which have most of
>>> developers, who do all major contributions. All these companies has their
>>> roadmaps, but not the community.
>> I would be concerned if company roadmaps overtly affected the community
>> roadmap.  In general, I find company roadmaps to be very short-sighted
>> and quickly changed based on the demands of specific users/customers ---
>> something we don't want to imitate.
>> We do want company roadmaps to affect the community roadmap, but in a
>> healthy, long-term way, and I think, in general, that is happening.
> The roadmap is not the problem it is the lack of cooperation. Many
> companies are now developing features in a silo and then presenting them to
> the community. Instead we should be working with those companies to have
> them develop transparently so others can be a part of the process.

We are working on our roadmap to have it in form to be presented to the
community. I think we'll publish it somewhere in wiki.

> If the feature is going to be submitted to core anyway (or open source)
> why wouldn't we just do that? Why wouldn't EDB develop directly within the
> Pg infrastructure. Why wouldn't we build teams around the best and
> brightest between EDB, 2Q and Citus?

This is what I suggested.  Features considered to be open source could be
discussed and developed together.

> Egos.
> Consider PgLogical, who is working on this outside of 2Q? Where is the git
> repo for it? Where is the bug tracker? Where is the mailing list? Oh, its
> -hackers, except that it isn't, is it?
> It used to be that everyone got together and worked together before the
> patch review process. Now it seems like it is a competition between
> companies to see whose ego can get the most inflated via press releases
> because they developed X for Y.
git log says better than any press releases :)

> If the companies were to come together and truly recognize that profit is
> the reward not the goal then our community would be much stronger for it.

I'd not limited by the companies, individual developes are highly welcome.
I'm afraid there are some.

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