Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 04/27/2016 11:04 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Actually, git_changelog can merge identically-messaged commits despite
>> intervening commits.  It's set up to not merge commits more than 24 hours
>> apart, though.  We could loosen that requirement but I'm afraid it would
>> make things confusing to merge far-apart commits.

> ISTM that git_changelog should be looking at the AuthorDate instead of
> the CommitDate.  Then it would work correctly for backpatches done using
> cherry-pick.

Meh.  That would also make it noticeably *less* accurate for some other
scenarios.  It actually did look at AuthorDate to start with, and we
changed it because we didn't like the results; cf 7299778a9.

Also, IME, backpatching with cherry-pick fails often enough that designing
one's process around it is just asking for pain.  Certainly, many fewer
than half of my own back-patches manage to use cherry-pick.

                        regards, tom lane

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