* Robert Haas (robertmh...@gmail.com) wrote:
> Here's a list of what I think is currently broken in 9.6 that we might
> conceivably fix by reverting patches:
> - Predefined Roles.  Neither you nor I liked Stephen's design.  It
> slowed down pg_dump.  It also broke pg_dump for non-superusers and
> something about bypassrls.  None of these issues have been fixed
> despite considerable time having gone by.

The issues you list are not with predefined roles at all, but with the
changes to dump ACLs defined against objects in pg_catalog.  I've also
got patches to address those issues already developed and (mostly)
posted.  I'll be posting a new set later today which addresses all of
the known issues with dumping catalog ACLs.

There is an ongoing thread where Noah and I have been discussing the
dumping of catalog ACLs issues and the TAP test suite which I've been
developing for pg_dump.  Certainly, anyone is welcome to join in that

As mentioned before, the concern raised about predefined roles are the
checks which were added to make them unlike regular roles.  I'll be
posting a patch tomorrow to revert those checks, as I mentioned on
another thread earlier today.



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