Hello Tom,

There's not really a point in using an enum if you use neither the type
(which you shouldn't because if you or the bitmask value you have types
outside the range of the enum), nor the autogenerated numbers.

I do not think that there is such a constraint in C, you can use the enum
bitfield type, so you should.

I think you are failing to understand Andres' point.  If you're going
to OR together some bits, the result is no longer a member of the enum
type, and the advantages that an enum would have immediately turn into

I understood the point and I do not see real disadvantages. The C standard really says that an enum is an int, and compilers just do that. I see it as a matter of interpretation whether enum members are strictly allowed values or just allowed bits, but maybe the standard says otherwise.

Anyway, the good news is that the bug is now fixed.


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