On 5/4/16 11:23 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Actually, I believe it will be dumped.  selectDumpableCast believes it
should dump casts with OID >= FirstNormalObjectId.  That's a kluge no
doubt, but reasonably effective; looks like we've been doing that since

pg_dump appears not to have a special-case selectDumpableTransform
routine.  Instead it falls back on the generic selectDumpableObject
for transforms.  That's a bad idea because the only useful bit of
knowledge selectDumpableObject has is to look at the containing
namespace ... and transforms don't have one, just as casts don't.

My recommendation is to clone that cast logic for transforms.

Hmm. The way I understand it is that Stephen wants to make dumping that test case work. But note that that test case is bogus; it wouldn't actually do anything useful in practice. There aren't any functions in the system catalog that could be used for actual transforms. So making these changes in pg_dump isn't really of much practical value. Perhaps it would be easier to change the test case or adjust the testing procedure?

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