Tom, all,

* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> If you like, you can try the @contrib_excludes addition that was mentioned
> before and see if that fixes it.  But if it doesn't, it's time to cut our
> losses.

Alright, it certainly *appears* to be working.  All of the Windows
buildfarm animals which have reported back since I added test_pg_dump to
that list have been green.  There are still a few boxes outstanding, but
that seems like a good sign too- they failed pretty quickly before.

I'm saying all this because I have to step out for a couple of hours.
I'll keep an eye on it and will be around later tonight to revert the
tests if necessary, but I'm not going to complain if someone else
chooses to do so if those last few Windows boxes come back red again
before I'm around again.



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