While creating a Syntax Highlighting XML for Notepad++ (something like a
PLSQL one here http://goo.gl/UBbHdt ), I was looking for a list of Keywords
(& separately list of Datatypes) that Postgres uses in a given version (Say
DEVEL branch).

I did find the Reserved Keyword list (
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/sql-keywords-appendix.html) but
it doesn't look like what I need, because:

1. The ones marked as 'Reserved' isn't all the words I am interested in
(since these are just 'Reserved')
2. The entire list seems like an overkill (since it has words such as K
and ROUTINE_CATALOG, which aren't really what I'd like highlighted when I
am working on an SQL file in NPP)

Should I be looking somewhere else? Parse keywords from Git Source file (if
so where)? Parse PG Documentation?

I tried ( https://goo.gl/OYeYuE ) parsing HTML Tags (such as VARNAME /
TOKEN / LITERAL / COMMAND) in PG Documentation but is there's a simpler
(more accurate) way for this?

Any pointers would be great!

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