On 09-05-2016 11:25, Christian Ullrich wrote:
> here is a patch for the German translation that removes (all) five
> instances of *the* most annoying mistake ever.
We generally don't work with patches for translations. Instead, we send
all PO files. We have a separate repository [1] to deal with
translations that is merged with upstream before each release.

> By the way, is there any documentation anywhere about how and where to
> send translation patches? I'm just guessing here.
Take a look at https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/NLS

Subscribe to pgsql-translators [2] to send corrections / translations.

[1] http://git.postgresql.org/gitweb/?p=pgtranslation/messages.git;a=summary
[2] http://www.postgresql.org/list/pgsql-translators/

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