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2) Knowing the trend to move stuff *out* of the PostgreSQL source tarball, and assuming plr is released under GPL, is there any chance that it would be accepted into src/pl or contrib, or should I start a gborg project (I'd prefer if it could at least live in contrib)?
I think we'd have to insist on gborg.  The only reason there are any
non-BSD-license items left in contrib is that I haven't finished my TODO
item to get their licenses changed or remove 'em.

BSD would be good.  I agree that it'll be a pain in the neck to
maintain a PL that is not in the main tree, so I'd support accepting it
if we can get the license right.
I finally got a response from one of the core R developers: "libR is GPL-ed, and that is unlikely to change" -- so I guess gborg it is :-(
(not that I have anything against gborg ;-))

Before making any release announcements, I'd be interested in feedback if anyone feels so inclined. The source is currently available here:

The documentation, including preprocessed html, is in the tar ball. I've also posted the html docs here:

From the README (more or less):
Place tar file in 'contrib' in the PostgreSQL source tree and untar.
Then run:

make install
make installcheck

You can use plr.sql to create the language and functions in your
database of choice, e.g.

psql mydatabase < plr.sql

In addition to the documentation, the plr.out file in plr/expected is a good source of usage examples.

PL/R should build cleanly with PostgreSQL 7.3.x and cvs HEAD. It was developed using libR from R 1.6.2 under Red Hat 7.3 & 8.0 -- I've not tested against other versions of R or different OSes.

Please let me know how it goes.



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