On 10-05-2016 20:59, Rob Bygrave wrote:
> Having read all the previous discussions on the general topic of
> altering tables with dependent views I realise this is a complex and
> difficult issue in general but I'd like to see if there was some support
> for looking at these 3 more specific changes. 
> 1. making a varchar column larger  e.g. varchar(10) -> varchar(20)
> 2. changing int to bigint
> 3. changing varchar to text
It seems an useful feature request. I've already crossed that bridge
while maintaining such a dynamic database schemas. I don't see why we
couldn't implement this feature. I'll take a stab at it for the first

> I have seen that there are people motivated enough to update
> pg_attribute directly (update pg_attribute a set a.atttypmod = 20 + 4 ...).
Yuk, this definitely bypass the ATExecAlterColumnType(). It is a hack
and must be done with care.

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