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> I've also noticed that

Coming back to this issue because...

> a) pg_basebackup doesn't do anything about durability (it probably needs
>    a very similar patch to the one pg_rewind just received).

I think that one of the QE tests running here just got bitten by that.
A base backup was taken with pg_basebackup and more or less after a VM
was plugged off. The trick is that for pg_basebackup we cannot rely on
initdb: pg_basebackup is a client-side utility. In most of the PG
packages (Fedora, RHEL), it is put on the client-side package, where
initdb is not. So it seems to me that the correct fix is not to use
initdb -S but to have copies of fsync_parent_path, durable_rename and
fsync_fname_ext in streamutil.c, and then we reuse them for both
pg_receivexlog and pg_basebackup. At least that's less risky for
back-branches this way.

> b) nor does pg_dump[all]

I have not hacked up that yet, but I would think that we would need
one extra copy of some of those fsync_* routines in src/bin/pg_dump/.
There is another thread for that already... On master I guess we'd end
with something centralized in src/common/, but let's close the
existing holes first.

> So we're going to have another round of fsync stuff in the next set of
> releases anyway...

The sooner the better I think. Any people caring about this problem
are now limited in using initdb -S after calling pg_basebackup or
pg_dump. That's a solution, though the flushes should be contained
inside each utility.

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