Being that this group of hackers is one I trust, and that this is a pretty 
common scenario for contract programming, I thought I'd ask this group a 
question.  I hope you don't mind.

I did some contract programming work for a to-be-nameless company a while 
back, and I'm having difficulty collecting.  The amount of the debt is around 
$1,400 US, so it's not something I am willing to just let go.  However, I've 
been patient for nearly two years: and, despite repeated promises to the 
contrary, I have yet to see this money.  They did pay me for the first $1,000 
or so, but have that $1,400 left to pay (I did a total of about $2,400 for 
them).  It was a subcontracting arrangement; they were contracting out to a 
client, and I was subcontracted.  According to the client, the bill was paid 
in full.

This company doesn't dispute any of my invoices and says they are going to pay 
me.  But they have not yet done so.  This company is still in business, and 
seems to be doing quite well.  Don't even ask their name; I'm not out to 
smear anyone.  Although I am tempted to publicly announce who they are, it is 
against my nature.  But my patience is wearing thin; and I'm willing to try 
just about anything.  Short of libel or slander, of course.  Whether they are 
honest or not doesn't mean I have carte blanche to be dishonest.

I just want my money _soon_.  This company has had no complaints about my 
performance or the quality of my work in this; in fact, in the communications 
I've had with them, they were always pleased with my work (or at least that's 
what they said).  And, of course, I kept copies of all correspondence.  In 
fact, I would do work for them again if I could be more sure of collecting 
the money.  Maybe I'm just too patient; I don't know.

Since I do trust this group, if any of you have had experience dealing with 
credit collection bureaus and the like, can you please e-mail me privately 
with your experience?
Lamar Owen
WGCR Internet Radio
1 Peter 4:11

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