On Tuesday 11 Feb 2003 8:01 pm, Mario Weilguni wrote:
> >Hrm.  I just saw that the PHP ADODB guy just published a bunch of database
> >benchmarks.  It's fairly evident to me that benchmarking PostgreSQL on
> >Win32 isn't really fair:
> >
> >http://php.weblogs.com/oracle_mysql_performance
> And why is the highly advocated transaction capable MySQL 4 not tested?
> That's the problem, for every performance test they choose ISAM tables, and
> when transactions are mentioned it's said "MySQL has transactions". But why
> no benchmarks?

I did benchmark mysql/postgresql/oracle sometime back. Mysql with transaction 
is 90% as fast as postgresql. But it dies down with increased number of users 
no matter how much resources you throw at it.

Oracle is 130% of postgresql. This was postgresql 7.2.x series so things have 
changed for sure, but you got the idea, right?


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