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A couple of months back is has been reported to pgsql-bugs that WAL
segments were always switched with a low value of archive_timeout even
if a system is completely idle:
In short, a closer look at the problem has showed up that the logic in
charge of checking if a checkpoint should be skipped or not is
currently broken, because it completely ignores standby snapshots in
its calculation of the WAL activity. So a checkpoint always occurs
after checkpoint_timeout on an idle system since hot_standby has been
introduced as wal_level. This did not get better from 9.4, since
standby snapshots are logged every 15s by the background writer
process. In 9.6, since wal_level = 'archive' and 'hot_standby'
actually has the same meaning, the skip logic that worked with
wal_level = 'archive' does not do its job anymore.

One solution that has been discussed is to track the progress of WAL
activity when doing record insertion by being able to mark some
records as not updating the progress of WAL. Standby snapshot records
enter in this category, making the checkpoint skip logic more robust.

Attached is a patch implementing a solution for it, by adding in
WALInsertLock a new field that gets updated for each record to track
the LSN progress. This allows to reliably skip the generation of
standby snapshots in the bgwriter or checkpoints on an idle system.
Per discussion with Andres at PGcon, we decided that this is an
optimization, only for 9.7~ because this has been broken for a long
time. I have also changed XLogIncludeOrigin() to use a more generic
routine to set of status flags for a record being inserted:
XLogSetFlags(). This routine can use two flags:
- INCLUDE_ORIGIN to decide if the origin should be logged or not
- NO_PROGRESS to decide at insertion if a record should update the LSN
progress or not.
Andres mentioned me that we'd want to have something similar to
XLogIncludeOrigin, but while hacking I noticed that grouping both
things under the same umbrella made more sense.

I am adding that to the commit fest of September.


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