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> > (Reviving an old thread for 2014...)

> > Would you have time to work on this for 9.7..?  I came across a
> > real-world use case for exactly this capability and was sorely
> > disappointed to discover we didn't support it even though there had been
> > discussion for years on it, which quite a few interested parties.
> >

> First, I think the syntax is still implemented in a bad way. Right now
> it's part of the OVER clause, and the IGNORE NULLS gets put into the
> frame options. It doesn't match the way the spec defines the grammar,
> and I don't see how it really makes sense that it's a part of the
> frame options or the window object at all.

​How does the relatively new FILTER clause play into this, if at all?

I think we need a need catalog support to say
> whether a function honors IGNORE|RESPECT NULLS or not, which means we
> also need support in CREATE FUNCTION.

We already have "STRICT" for deciding whether a function processes nulls.
Wouldn't this need to exist on the "CREATE AGGREGATE"

Rhetorical question: I presume we are going to punt on the issue, since it
is non-standard, but what is supposed to happen with a window invocation
that ignores nulls but has a non-strict function that returns a non-null on
null input?

David J.

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