In current bloom documentation an example

CREATE INDEX bloomidx ON tbloom(i1,i2,i3) 
       WITH (length=5, col1=2, col2=2, col3=4);

does not work, as it does not actually create a bloom index

you should add "USING bloom" to the insert statement, in order make this 
example work.

Patch in the attachment fixes an example. Please commit it ;-)

Nikolay Shaplov
Postgres Professional:
Russian Postgres Company
diff --git a/doc/src/sgml/bloom.sgml b/doc/src/sgml/bloom.sgml
index 7349095..ab84b69 100644
--- a/doc/src/sgml/bloom.sgml
+++ b/doc/src/sgml/bloom.sgml
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
-CREATE INDEX bloomidx ON tbloom(i1,i2,i3) 
+CREATE INDEX bloomidx ON tbloom USING bloom (i1,i2,i3)
        WITH (length=5, col1=2, col2=2, col3=4);
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