On 5/25/16 8:19 PM, Craig Ringer wrote:
    Postgres is well past the point where our relational features are
    the big selling point. It's now about scale, an incredibly robust
    storage engine, and all the extensiblity opportunities. We've moved
    from being an RDBMS to being a "Data Platform". Improving our OO
    capabilities just continues that.

Right. I'm just not convinced table inheritance is a useful part of that

In it's current state it's certainly not the best tool in the toolbox, but IMHO there's still plenty of room for the ability to support restricted polymorphism, because of all the benefits of not allowing willy-nilly stuff in the schema. There's certainly other cases (ie: per-customer custom fields) where willy-nilly is what you actually need.

And certainly things that reduce table modification pain for *any* operations are most welcome! I think allowing queued backgrounded processes would be a huge win there. If we had real stored procedures (IE: ability to control transaction state) and a modest background scheduler then it wouldn't be hard to build that.
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