Tomas Vondra <> writes:
> Attached is a patch that should fix the coalescing, including the clock 
> skew detection. In the end I reorganized the code a bit, moving the 
> check at the end, after the clock skew detection. Otherwise I'd have to 
> do the clock skew detection on multiple places, and that seemed ugly.

I hadn't been paying any attention to this thread, I must confess.
But I rediscovered this no-coalescing problem while pursuing the poor
behavior for shared catalogs that Peter complained of in

I posted a patch at
which I think is functionally equivalent to what you have here, but
it goes to some lengths to make the code more readable, whereas this
is just adding another layer of complication to something that's
already a mess (eg, the request_time field is quite useless as-is).
So I'd like to propose pushing that in place of this patch ... do you
care to review it first?

Reacting to the thread overall:

I see Noah's concern about wanting to merge the write work for requests
about different databases.  I've got mixed feelings about that: it's
arguable that any such change would make things worse not better.
In particular, it's inevitable that trying to merge writes will result
in delaying the response to the first request, whether or not we are
able to merge anything.  That's not good in itself, and it means that
we can't hope to merge requests over any very long interval, which very
possibly will prevent any merging from happening in real situations.
Also, considering that we know the stats collector can be pretty slow
to respond at all under load, I'm worried that this would result in
more outright failures.

Moreover, what we'd hope to gain from merging is fewer writes of the
global stats file and the shared-catalog stats file; but neither of
those are very big, so I'm skeptical of what we'd win.

In view of 52e8fc3e2, there's more or less no case in which we'd be
writing stats without writing stats for the shared catalogs.  So I'm
tempted to propose that we try to reduce the overhead by merging the
shared-catalog stats back into the global-stats file, thereby halving
the filesystem metadata traffic for updating those.

                        regards, tom lane

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