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>     COPY FROM $1 TO 'myfilename'
​Random thought - how about at least making the following work:

For the following pretend that "STRING" has the same behavior as the
"format(...)" function.

EXECUTE STRING('COPY %I TO %L', 'testtable', 'testfile.txt');​

<(conceptually similar to: EXECUTE format(​'COPY %I TO %L', 'testtable',

​This doesn't solve the knowledge problem ​but at least provides an
idiomatic way to execute dynamic SQL without pl/pgsql and without forcing
the client library to take responsibility for proper data massaging in
order to eliminate sql injection.

As an extension making:

PREPARE name STRING('COPY %I TO %L', ?, ?);​

EXECUTE name STRING USING ('testtable', 'testfile.txt');

David J.

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