> Okay, here's one: most Unix systems store all of the configuration
> files in a well known directory: /etc.  These days it's a hierarchy of
> directories with /etc as the root of the hierarchy.  When an
> administrator is looking for configuration files, the first place he's
> going to look is in /etc and its subdirectories.  After that, he's
> forced to look through the startup scripts to figure out where things
> are located.  And if those aren't revealing, then he has to read
> manpages and hope they're actually useful.  :-)  And if that doesn't
> work, then he has to resort to tricks like doing "strings" on the
> binaries (he doesn't necessarily have access to the sources that the
> binaries were compiled from, which is all that matters here).

No goddammit - /usr/local/etc.  Why can't the Linux community respect

It is the ONE TRUE PLACE dammit!!!


(btw, there is humour + seriousness in above post...)

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