On 05/29/2016 04:55 PM, Kouhei Kaigai wrote:
> For the closer integration, it may be valuable if PL/R and PL/CUDA can 
> exchange
> the data structure with no serialization/de-serialization when PL/R code tries
> to call SQL functions.

I had been thinking about something similar. Maybe PL/R can create an
extension within the R environment that wraps PL/CUDA directly or at the
least provides a way to use a fast-path call. We should probably try to
start out with one common use case to see how it might work and how much
benefit there might be.

> IIUC, pg.spi.exec("SELECT my_function(...)") is the only way to call SQL 
> functions inside PL/R scripts.

Correct (currently).

BTW, this is starting to drift off topic I think -- perhaps we should
continue off list?



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