On 2016-06-02 17:50:20 +0100, Greg Stark wrote:
> So FYI, it does look like Postgres built in 32-bit mode, at least
> pointers are 32 bits. But I think maxalign might still be enough due
> to doubles being 64 bits.

That makes sense independent of 32 vs. 64 system. Part of the relevant
struct probably require 8 byte alignment:

           typedef union epoll_data {
               void    *ptr;
               int      fd;
               uint32_t u32;
               uint64_t u64;
           } epoll_data_t;

           struct epoll_event {
               uint32_t     events;    /* Epoll events */
               epoll_data_t data;      /* User data variable */

So using long long alignment seems the best bet here.

Greg, are you writing & testing a patch? Or should I write something for
you to test?



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