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> > The main problem being solved is the use of a SETOF result.  I'm
> inclined to
> > prefer that the final, single, result is still an array.
> I have changed it like that.  New patch attached.


> > I've got a style issue with the information_schema - I like to call it
> > useless-use-of-E'' -  but that was there long before this patch...
> We better not touch it.


> > /* user mustn't specify 'g' for regexp_split */ - do we add "or
> > regexp_match" or just removed the extraneous detail?
> I don't think it would be a nice error message.

Just meant the comment.  I think they look good now though the part about
force global in the split area just says what the code does and not why.
Namely that when splitting we find all matches so the input is completely
split.  We disallow a user specification of global for some arbitrary
reason; though I don't have any reason to change that and the present
behavior doesn't cause people to complain.

> > There seems to be scope creep regarding "regexp_split_to_table" that I'm
> > surprised to find.  Related to that is the unexpected removal of the
> > "force_glob" parameter to setup_regexp_matches.  You took what was a
> single
> > block of code and now duplicated it without any explanation in the commit
> > message (a code comment wouldn't work for this kind of change).  The
> change
> > to flags from passing a pointer to text to passing in a pointer to a
> > previously derived pg_re_flags makes more sense on its face, and it is
> > apparently a non-public API, but again constitutes a refactoring that at
> > least would ideally be a separate commit from the one the introduces the
> new
> > behavior.
> That check doesn't belong to setup_regexp_matches() in the first place.
> The arguments of the function are organised to be caller agnostic,
> and then it gives an error on behalf of regexp_split().  The check
> fits better to the regexp_split() functions even with duplication.
> I can split it to another patch, but I think these kind of changes most
> often go together.

After reading this again I understand better what is going on and agree
with the changes as written.

> Would you mind adding yourself to the reviewers on the Commitfest app?
> I think you have already read though it.

I didn't compile either patch but given the scope and complexity I'd say it
is ready for committer without that confirmed.  Tom usually touches the
regexp code and I'm pretty sure he'll look at this with an eye no one else
has.  Though I wouldn't expect anything until work on 10 begins in earnest.

David J.

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