Robert Haas <> writes:
> ... I guess I'd prefer #2 to #2.5, #2.5 to #3, and #3 to #1.
> I really don't like #1 much - I think I'd almost rather do nothing.

FWIW, that's about my evaluation of the alternatives as well.  I fear
that #1 would get a lot of pushback.  If we think that something like
"LATERAL ROWS FROM STRICT" is worth having on its own merits, then
doing #2.5 seems worthwhile to me, but otherwise I'm just as happy
with #2.  David J. seems to feel that throwing an error (as in #2.5)
rather than silently behaving incompatibly (as in #2) is important,
but I'm not convinced.  In a green field I think we'd prefer #2 over
#2.5, so I'd rather go that direction.

                        regards, tom lane

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