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> I found that the tab completion for USER MAPPING doesn't work fine.
> For example,
> The below is no problem.
> postgres=# create user[TAB]
> user              user mapping for
> But this doesn't work fine. (Note that there is a white space between
> 'user' and [TAB])
> postgres=# create user [TAB]
> hoge_user          masahiko           pg_signal_backend
> After manual input of the 'mapping', 'for' is added by tab completion.
> It means that the tab completion for 'mapping' is not working.

Adding non-object in words_after_create is somewhat uneasy but it
will work. One problem with it is that the case of keywords shown
among object names don't comply with COMP_KEYWORD_CASE.

=# \set COMP_KEYWORD_CASE preserve-lower   // default.
=# create user m<tab>
=# create user MAPPING FOR

I'm trying to fix this as a part of the following CF entry (now
it seems to have a bug leads to a crash, though..)



Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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