On 6/6/16 3:23 PM, Josh berkus wrote:
On 06/06/2016 01:38 PM, Tom Lane wrote:

Also, I'd be a bit inclined to disable the counter reset whenever a column
list is specified, disregarding the corner case where a list is given but
it includes all the table's analyzable columns.  It doesn't really seem
worth the effort to account for that case specially (especially after
you consider that index expressions should count as analyzable columns).


+1.  Better to err on the side of duplicate analyzes than none at all.

Also, I'm not surprised this took so long to discover; I doubt most
users are aware that you *can* analyze individual columns.

Is there any significant advantage to not analyzing all columns? Only case I can think of is if you have a fair number of columns that have been toasted; otherwise I'd think IO would completely swamp any other considerations.
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