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> Hi
> Is there any feature in PostgreSQL where online DW (Dataware housing) is
> possible ?
> am looking for scenario like
> 1. Production DB will have CURRENT + LAST 7 DAYS data only
> 2. Archive/DW DB will have CURRENT + COMPLETE HISTORY
> expecting something like streaming, but not ETL
‚ÄčThe entire DB couldn't operate this way since not every record has a
concept of time and if you use any kind of physical time you are going to
have issues as well.

First impression is you want to horizontally partition your "time-impacted"
tables so that each partition contains only data having the same ISO Week
number in the same ISO Year.

Remove older tables from the inheritance and stick them on a separate
tablespace and/or stream them to another database.

As has been mentioned there are various tools out there today that can
likely be used to fulfill whatever fundamental need you have.  "Not ETL" is
not a need though, its at best a "nice-to-have" unless you are willing to
forgo any solution to your larger problem just because the implementation
is not optimal.

Unless you define your true goals and constraints its going to be hard to
make recommendations.

David J.

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