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> On 6/13/16 12:16 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> At the same time, I'm pretty suspicious of putting stuff like this in
>> core, because the expectations for cross-version compatibility go up
>> by orders of magnitude as soon as we do that.
> On a first go-round, I don't think we should add entire views, but rather
> functions that serve specific purposes. For table bloat that means a
> function that returns what the heap size should be based on pg_stats. For
> locking, it means providing information about which PID is blocking which
> PID. After that, most everything else is just window dressing.

could be

if you look on current bloating queries, then you can see pretty complex
queries due implementation on high level. C implementation should be more
faster. There are lot of changes in core, but these queries is working for
PostgreSQL 8.2 to today, so they are relatively stable.



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