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 >> min_parallel_relation_size, or min_parallelizable_relation_size, or
 >> something like that?

 > You are right that such a variable will make it simpler to write tests for
 > parallel query.  I have implemented such a guc and choose to keep the name
 > as min_parallel_relation_size.

 Pushed with minor adjustments.  My first experiments with this say that
 we should have done this long ago:

 > One thing to note is that in function
 > create_plain_partial_paths(), curently it is using PG_INT32_MAX/3 for
 > parallel_threshold to check for overflow, I have changed it to INT_MAX/3 so
 > as to be consistent with guc.c.  I am not sure if it is advisable to use
 > PG_INT32_MAX in guc.c as other similar parameters use INT_MAX.

 I agree that using INT_MAX is more consistent with the code elsewhere in
 guc.c, and more correct given that we declare the variable in question
 as int not int32.  But you need to include <limits.h> to use INT_MAX ...

 regards, tom lane

As of 4c56f3269a84a81461cc53941e0eee02fc920ab6 I'm still getting it in one of 
my queries:
ORDER/GROUP BY expression not found in targetlist
I am working on preparing a patch to fix this issue.
Am I missing something?

 No, the fix is still not committed.

Ah, I thought Tom pushed a fix, but it apparently was another fix.
Thanks for fixing.
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