Currently creating an index on an array of UUID involves defining an
operator class. I was wondering if this would be a valid request to add as
part of the uuid-ossp extension? This seems like a reasonable operator to
support as a default for UUIDs. Any downsides to adding this as a default?

This is the definition from the stack overflow reference:

  FOR TYPE _uuid USING gin AS
  OPERATOR 1 &&(anyarray, anyarray),
  OPERATOR 2 @>(anyarray, anyarray),
  OPERATOR 3 <@(anyarray, anyarray),
  OPERATOR 4 =(anyarray, anyarray),
  FUNCTION 1 uuid_cmp(uuid, uuid),
  FUNCTION 2 ginarrayextract(anyarray, internal, internal),
  FUNCTION 3 ginqueryarrayextract(anyarray, internal, smallint,
internal, internal, internal, internal),
  FUNCTION 4 ginarrayconsistent(internal, smallint, anyarray, integer,
internal, internal, internal, internal),
  STORAGE uuid;

This would be helpful for people trying to use arrays of UUIDs in cloud
environments which limit root access.

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