Hi Tom,

The actual fix do the job for preventing coredump.
Effectively, reporting "" instead of (null) would be more consistent with
the values found in pg_settings.

Another effect of the patch is that it become possible to start a cluster
with external_pid_file='' in postgresql.conf
It would have that same behavior as many other parameters.

I started a 9.6 beta with the following lines in postgresql.conf and the
only one that reported a problem is external_pid_file

external_pid_file = ''                  # write an extra PID file
unix_socket_group = ''                  # (change requires restart)
bonjour_name = ''                       # defaults to the computer name
ssl_ca_file = ''                        # (change requires restart)
ssl_crl_file = ''                       # (change requires restart)
krb_server_keyfile = ''
shared_preload_libraries = ''           # (change requires restart)
synchronous_standby_names = ''  # standby servers that provide sync rep
cluster_name = ''                       # added to process titles if
default_tablespace = ''         # a tablespace name, '' uses the default
temp_tablespaces = ''                   # a list of tablespace names, ''
local_preload_libraries = ''
session_preload_libraries = ''

It seems to me that the general behavior it to consider an empty string as
an unset parameter in postgresql.conf, why should external_pid_file be an
exception ?

I would prefer postgresql -C to report an empty string to be consistent
with pg_settings in a backport of the fix.

I also would prefer external_pid_file to behave as other parameters in the
next versions.



On 22 June 2016 at 17:24, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:

> alain radix <alain.ra...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Here is a new patch with postmaster.c modification so that it check
> about a
> > empty string instead of a null pointer.
> Why should we adopt this, when there is already a better (more complete)
> fix in git?
> I'm not sold on the wisdom of modifying the semantics of
> external_pid_file, which is what this patch effectively does.  I don't
> know if anything outside our core code looks at that variable, but if
> anything does, this would create issues for it.
> I'm even less sold on the wisdom of changing every other GUC that
> has a null bootstrap default, which is what we would also have to do
> in order to avoid the identical misbehavior for other -C cases.
> > The meaning is no more to avoid a core dump as you've done a change for
> > that but to have the same result with postgres -C as with a request to
> > pg_settings, an empty string when the parameter is not set.
> Well, maybe we should make -C print an empty string not "(nil)" for
> such cases.  You're right that we don't make a distinction between
> NULL and "" in other code paths that display a string GUC, so doing
> so here is a bit inconsistent.
>                         regards, tom lane

Alain Radix

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