tom lane wrote:
> Hmmm ... that might be made to work, but it would complicate 
> inserts. By the time an insert navigates to the page it 
> should insert on, it might find the page is dead, and then it 
> would have no easy way to get to the replacement page (unless 
> you want to dedicate another link field in every index page 
> for that one use).  I suppose it could recover by starting 
> the search over again.

Inserts could reread just the parent page if they encountered a dead
leaf since the parent would have been correctly updated.

> Another problem is that the two dead pages are now outside of 
> the btree structure and so their left and right links won't 
> get updated in the face of subsequent splits and merges of 
> the nearby pages.

That seems like a "show stopper" that just defers the problem. A split
of the left sibling would still screw up a scan that was using the old
left leaf page and wanted to move left.

Oh, well, the idea seemed worth exploring.

- Curtis

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