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> Thanks a lot for the help!
> PFA v6 which should fix all the issues mentioned.

Couple of minor suggestions.

-         <xref linkend="guc-max-worker-processes">.  Note that the requested
+         <xref linkend="guc-max-worker-processes">, limited by
+         <xref linked="guc-max-parallel-workers">.  Note that the requested


You can always find such mistakes by doing make check in doc/src/sgml/

+ /*
+ * We need a memory barrier here to make sure the above test doesn't get
+ * reordered
+ */
+ pg_read_barrier();

/memory barrier/read barrier

+ if (max_parallel_workers == 0)
+ {
+ ereport(elevel,
+ errmsg("background worker \"%s\": cannot request parallel worker if
no parallel worker allowed",

" ..no parallel worker is allowed".  'is' seems to be missing.

>  Also, after second
> thought I didn't add the extra hint about max_worker_processes in the
> max_parallel_worker paragraph, since this line was a duplicate of the
> precedent paragraph, it seemed better to leave the text as is.

not a big problem, we can leave it for committer to decide on same.
However just by reading the description of max_parallel_worker, user
can set its value more than max_wroker_processes which we don't want.

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