As someone who has bitten by index corruption due to collation changes
between glibc versions that shipped CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, don't even try
to do this with anything other than C collation. The default collation
_will_ deterministically leave you with a silently corrupt database if you
store anything other than ASCII text. Windows and Linux are going to
implement en_US.utf-8 slightly differently and Postgres is currently
relying on the OS to provide collation implementations. Go search for my
mailing list post about the dangers of running across versions of glibc for
more info.

I'm going to echo everyone else's sentiment though, and assert that what
you are trying to do is really an insane idea. You might be able to make it
appear like its working but as a DBA, I would have absolutely no confidence
in using that server for disaster recovery.

If your company is saving money by not getting Windows licenses for your DR
environment, you are far better off just saving one more license and making
both your production and DR server be Linux builds.

- Matt K.

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