Michael Paquier wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just bumped into a couple of things in visibilitymap.c:
> - visibilitymap_clear clears all bits of a visibility map, its header
> comment mentions the contrary
> - The header of visibilitymap.c mentions correctly "a bit" when
> referring to setting them, but when clearing, it should say that all
> bits are cleared.
> - visibilitymap_set can set multiple bits
> - visibilitymap_pin can be called to set up more than 1 bit.
> This can be summed by the patch attached.

Regarding the first hunk, I don't like these INTERFACE sections too
much; they get seriously outdated over the time and aren't all that
helpful anyway.  See the one on heapam.c for example.  I'd rather get
rid of that one instead of patching it.  The rest, of course, merit

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