While investigating on a bloat issue with a colleague, we found that if
a bgworker executes some queries with SPI, the statistic changes will
never be reported, since pgstat_report_stat() is only called in regular

In our case, the bgworker is the only process inserting and deleting a
large amount of data on some tables, so the autovacuum never tried to do
any maintenance on these tables.

Should a bgworker modifing data have to call pgstat_report_stat() to
avoid this problem? I don't find any documentation suggesting it, and it
seems that worker_spi (used as a template for this bgworker and I
suppose a lot of other one) is also affected.

If yes, I think at least worker_spi should be fixed (patched attached).


Julien Rouhaud
http://dalibo.com - http://dalibo.org
diff --git a/src/test/modules/worker_spi/worker_spi.c b/src/test/modules/worker_spi/worker_spi.c
index 314e371..7c9a3eb 100644
--- a/src/test/modules/worker_spi/worker_spi.c
+++ b/src/test/modules/worker_spi/worker_spi.c
@@ -292,6 +292,7 @@ worker_spi_main(Datum main_arg)
+		pgstat_report_stat(false);
 		pgstat_report_activity(STATE_IDLE, NULL);
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