Robert Haas <> writes:
> The alternative worth considering is presumably something like:

> GroupAggregate
> -> Index Only Scan on grue_size

> Scanning an entire index in order is pretty expensive, but it seems
> possible that this could be faster than the Seq Scan, especially on a
> table with other wide columns, because then the index might be a lot
> smaller than the table.  Even if the index traversal generates some
> random I/O, if it's sufficiently smaller than the table you will still
> come out ahead.  I'm not positive that the planner will actually
> consider this plan,

Of course it does.  Simple example in the regression database:

regression=# explain select distinct unique1 from tenk1;
                                         QUERY PLAN                             
 Unique  (cost=0.29..295.29 rows=10000 width=4)
   ->  Index Only Scan using tenk1_unique1 on tenk1  (cost=0.29..270.29 rows=100
00 width=4)
(2 rows)

I think though that this depends on being an IOS, with a fairly wide and
all-all-visible table, in order for the cost estimate to come out cheaper
than a seqscan.  If you disable IOS then the planner's second choice is
a seqscan:

regression=# set enable_indexonlyscan to 0;
regression=# explain select distinct unique1 from tenk1;
                           QUERY PLAN                            
 HashAggregate  (cost=483.00..583.00 rows=10000 width=4)
   Group Key: unique1
   ->  Seq Scan on tenk1  (cost=0.00..458.00 rows=10000 width=4)
(3 rows)

A whole-table plain indexscan, or IOS with any significant number of heap
probes needed, is not going to be preferred over a seqscan because of the
amount of random I/O it implies.

> We're probably missing a few tricks on queries of this type. If the
> index-traversal machinery had a mechanism to skip quickly to the next
> distinct value, that could be used here:

Yeah, I suspect Bill was imagining that that sort of plan could be
used; but it requires execution machinery we have not got.

                        regards, tom lane

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