On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 13:32, Christopher Browne wrote:
> > Everybody has room in /etc for another 10K of data. Where you have
> > room for something that might potentially be a half terrabyte of
> > data, and is not infrequently several gigabytes or more, is pretty
> > system-depenendent.
> Ah, but this has two notable problems:
> 1.  It assumes that there is "a location" for "the configuration files
>     for /the single database instance./"
>     If I have a second database instance, that may conflict.

I think that moving configuration to [/usr/local]/etc/postgresql implies
the need for sub-directories by port, possibly with a default config to
be used if there is no port-specific config file.

> 2.  It assumes I have write access to /etc
>     If I'm a Plain Old User, as opposed to root, I may only have
>     read-only access to /etc.

The location should be configurable; I hope we're talking about the
default here.  For distributions it should be /etc/postgresql; for local
builds it should be /usr/local/etc/postgresql, assuming you have root
access.  If you don't, the -c configfile switch suggested elsewhere in
this debate would be needed.

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