Hello Michaƫl,

Minor pgbench documentation improvements so that the description is more

 - a pgbench script may not contain SQL commands, it only needs not to be

Halfly true as far as I recall. This works and generates two queries:
SELECT 1; \set two 3

Maybe it used to work, but not anymore:

  client 0 aborted in state 0: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "\"
  LINE 1: SELECT 1 ; \set two 3

 - point out explicitely variable setting meta commands.
 - the formula is short enough to fit on a line.

-f(x) = PHI(2.0 * parameter * (x - mu) / (max - min + 1)) /
-       (2.0 * PHI(parameter) - 1)
+f(x) = PHI(2.0 * parameter * (x - mu) / (max - min + 1)) / (2.0 *
PHI(parameter) - 1)
At full-length this is 85 characters.

I agree on principle, however the issue is the "literal layout", the line is also broken in the resulting HTML and it looks pretty strange there:


But I agree that it is more readable to put that into a single line. Now we could as well trick the limit by using "param" instead of "parameter".

ISTM that it would mean changing the text in a dozen places to be consistent, and it would not necessary be an improvement in some of those places... So I'm hesitant to follow on that suggestion. For me the "under 80 column" rule cannot really apply on a "literal layout" block.

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