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> Hello Tom,
> Although "\;" behavior is not documented, I would have expected both
>>> results to be shown one after the other, or having a an error, but not a
>>> quiet discard.
>> See the documentation for PQexec(): all but the last query result is
>> discarded.
> Sure. That is developer-level answer to "why", although it does not really
> say why the developer chose PQexex over PQsendQuery. At the user-level the
> behavior is still pretty surprising.

‚ÄčLets try putting it this way...

As a psql user I want some way to choose whether I send my query via
"PQexec" or "PQsendQuery".  I'm not sure why the "PQexec" access point is
undocumented but this "\;" syntax, vis-a-vis ";" provides me that choice.

David J.

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